Since 1886 Emilio Tortajada has distinguished itself in the field thanks to its achievements: 100% local production in their workshop, in Valencia. The company has over 130 years of experience, intensive work, investigation, effort, as well as compromise and dedication, constant creativity and enthusiasm.


Valencian family business with more than 130 years of history


We strive to provide excellent quality and client satisfaction


We constantly update our manufacturing processes and product design


At Emilio Tortajada we are committed to design, manufacturing and sales of ironwork, locksmithing and forging. We have maintained this tradition since 1886 passing it from generation to generation.

We create unique and modern products which meet all market needs not only within the field of construction, but also for the decoration of doors, windows, bars, furniture and interior design.

We adapt to the needs and tastes of our clients, continuously working to improve  R&D and quality, work safety. In addition, we take care of the environment through recycling our general, cardboard and plastic waste.


At Emilio Tortajada we offer a new form of creating wrought -iron hardware thanks to our more than century-long experience of family business. Our innovative design  and industrial processes, materials and collections have built our reputation as a quality reference in the Spanish market.

We aim to enhance customer service and quality, through our 100% Made in Spain items offering a number of different design solutions thanks to the technological advances in the production process.

Our clients can enjoy a wide range of finishes and sizes, of unique pieces that can be adapted to their needs and necessities.


Our history

1886 · The beginning, over 130 years ago

It was 1886 when in Massamagrell, a town in Valencia, José Tortajada Orón started a small workshop where he repaired iron hardware.

Thanks to his dedication and good job at conserving artisan traditions during the industrial revolution, he gathered a reputation among neighbours and the local population.

1950 · Passing the metal-working tradition from generation to generation

Years later his sons Jose María y Emilio Tortajada took control of the family business. It started growing and at the beginning of the 20th century it was a much more established company that could meet the needs of the time. During this period, they went through much hardship the Spanish Civil War and the Post-War amongst them. These adversities only forged a stronger character that strived for development, effort and constant overcoming of obstacles.

Excelling in the market of home furnishings

In 1974 the company came to be known as EMILIO TORTAJADA, S.L  During this time it transformed into the company it is today. A large company that has been crafting door handles constantly innovating and creating timeless models that can be found in any household or hardware store, for instance, our automatic handle models. Refs. 1530; 5530; 15, 1, 60

Innovation in product design

In 2010, when the current generation took charge, the company entered a new phase of expansion into the international market starting to export 100% Made in Spain products. Refs. 230, 260, 240…

Leader in sales in the national market

Over 130 years, the initial workshop turned into the current company that stands out in locksmithing, Castilian forging and iron-wrought artisan products. It has grown, developed and overcome adversities being able to turn into a reference company with the longest history of production in the Valencian Community and
the national ironwork market.

100% Made in Spain guarantee

At the same time, this was one of the most bittersweet moments in the history of our company when, due to more accessible tariffs for imported goods from the East most of our products were copied. The prices of imported goods burst the market of that time because they were considerably lower compared to the prices of the local quality labour.

Thanks to constant development, effort and improvement, the Tortajada family business was reinvented and expanded in the hands of the current generation in charge of the company.

2010 · Internationalisation of the Company

Today, it is the fourth generation along with a team of professionals that takes care of the family tradition, inheriting the enthusiasm and effort of their parents, all of which contribute to the constant flourishing of EMILIO TORTAJADA both on national and international level. Thanks to them, a family business turned into a competent 21st century company.


“Tras más de 130 años de historia, Emilio Tortajada está en manos de la 4ª Generación”

Our Company today

Over 130 years, the former workshop has developed into the company that it is today working in ironwork, locksmithing, y artisan products and forging.

The Company grew and developed over the course of time overcoming obstacles while maintaining its position as a company with the longest production history in the Valencian Community and in the ironwork field nationwide.

Today, it is in its fourth generation along with a team of professionals that take care of the tradition with the same enthusiasm and effort of the last generation. This results are in the continuous growth of the company.

Emilio Tortajada came a long way to turn a family business into a leading reference both in national and international market



Handle sets




Exclusive tailor-made

“The products made at Emilio Tortajada  combine innovation and modern design with artisan traditions to create unique and exclusive items”